What Makes Us... Us 😊

Why Did We Create WMUH?

Walking around the bustle and hustle of New York City in 2018, I had an epiphany. I looked around and woke up. I saw sadness all around me. In the strangers passing me by, in the dirty sidewalks I strutted down and even in the food I saw in the trash can ( who knew food had feelings? lol).

I was annoyed. Why was everyone sad? And how could I change that?

My first step was figuring out, well if no one is happy ( or seems happy that is)… how can I make them happy?

Happiness differs from person to person. I knew this, and I think you do too. That’s why you may hate cats even though your best friend loves them, or why you may want to eat a hot dog, but your brother looks repulsed because he’s a vegan.

Happiness is subjective, but somehow everyone knows what Happiness feels like.

Happiness is that feeling of butterflies in your stomach around someone you like, that feeling of euphoria when dancing outside with your friends, its laughing so hard at a joke you think you’ll pass out from not being able to breathe!

Happiness exists. So…

I went into spy mode. I needed a way to find out what makes the people I care about happy, without them thinking I was creeping on them. How could I make them tell me what makes them happy, without them feeling invaded or uncomfortable?

The solution: A blog called What Makes Us Happy.

I started the blog in 2018, as an excuse to ask the people I loved “what makes you happy?”. One by one they began to submit …

I slowly began to share people’s stories and something funny happened.

Not only did the people sharing their stories become happier, but I became happier as well… and so did people like you.

By retelling their stories it made them happy… made us happy… and made you happy.

The WMUH Mission

Our Mission is to encourage people to find, do and share what makes them happy.

Still Not Hooked?

10% of our profits go to mental health organizations focusing on promoting positivity.

What Makes You Happy?